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The purpose of this website is to acknowledge fully, the design - concept - production of the Fiesta Fly by David McMullan and Jeffery Smith at Crayford Automotive Design Consultants at Westerham, Kent. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Crayford Car Co. in 2012 it is a fitting tribute to the design, ingenuity and competence of these individuals.

The ability to gather all this information has been with the help and good offices of Stuart Twight, enthusiast and member of the XR Owners Club, who has painstakingly listed all known registrations over many years, and without whose in depth knowledge and support would not have enabled this website to be built, I also acknowledge the MK1 Fiesta CD that is available from woodflooringgiraffe on Ebay. These  photos have been used extensively in building the data for the register. I also acknowledge the articles from Classic Ford – Autocar – and other magazines and press releases, which are acknowledged at the point of reference. In addition, the several members of staff of F. English (English’s)  who responded to the article in the Bournemouth Echo, and who I was able to interview, and obtain lots of detailed information, production figures, drawings and photographs of the early 1980’s

From the licensing to F. English Coachwork Division, Willis Way, Fleets Industrial Estate, Poole, Dorset in spring 1982 to the last Fiesta MK2 Fly cars, of which three are known with UK registration, and one in Germany, and just recently one in Holland, built by AGM who were agents for the “Fly”.   To gather the numbers built, their registration numbers, plus photos, and colours, and those that are left, but not on the road, and those that have been scrapped or written off.  To identify F. English built cars from the Crayford built cars, and clear the myth that only 23 or 32 in total were ever built!

Production facilities were limited at the Crayford works, space being at a premium, together with the development of the Metropolitan convertible at the same time, David McMullan realised, that after the first initial few (approximately 20) Crayford built "Fly" conversions, the potential for sales was to licence out to a competent company the "Fly" production. F. English were the largest Ford distributors on the South Coast with a very capable coachworks and body shop experienced in panel work, and body conversions, for major companies including the Gas Board, Post Office, and other large Utility companies. F. English very quickly set up a department after training of selected staff at the Crayford Works, and the first cars were photographed in the spring/summer of 1982.

By autumn 1982 they had employed a sales department, a Project Manager, and a body shop Foreman, together with experienced staff from within the company, and for the first year cars were sold with a blue/chrome Crayford badge, by early spring 1983 the Co. was fitting the  F. English Bournemouth badge.

In no way does the "Fly" production at F. English detract from the original Crayford design, the purpose is to separate out the myths and oddball publications over the years that have stated many incorrect facts about the numbers built and by whom, any "Fly" owner who wishes to have their details added, or indeed removed, from this website please contact info{at}fiestafly.org

Partial production figures, together with estimated  projection figures, and  meetings, memorandum, although not detailed, give an indication of up to 200 Fly cars having been built, and fortunately, I have been able to obtain a lot of factory documents, minutes of meetings and publication figures that can be substantiated, and will be  posted elsewhere on this website, in due course. Anyone wishing to contribute photos or information relevant to the “Fly” please contact me at info{at}fiestafly.org.

                                                                                      David Matthews



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